• Diagnostic Laparoscopy
  • Laparoscopic Appendectomy
  • Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery
  • - Inguinal - Incisional
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  • Endoscopic varicose vein Surgery
  • Endoscopic breast Surgery
  • Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery

It consists of modern labour room, medical and surgical units and highly trained staff. Epidural Anaesthesia is practised for smooth and painless child births.

This department includes Neonatal intensive care unit which is well equipped with incubators, ventilators, warmers, phototherapy unit, infusion syringe pumps, multi channel monitors, pulse oxymeters etc.,

All kinds of medical emergencies are attended. Majority of the cases attending the OPD are patients of diabetes and hypertension. Routine and emergency Neurological cases are also attended to.

In addition to routine surgical cases, difficult cases like G.J. Vagotomy, Laparoscopic surgeries like lap chole, lap appendectomy etc., are taken up. Stappler Haemorrhoidectomy, anterior perineal resection; Endoscopic varicose vein legation, parathyroid surgery etc.,

Head and Neck Surgery, inner ear implant surgery, stapedectomy, Myringoplasty etc., are taken up. Audiometry and Speech therapy facilities available.

Facilities for Internal fixation of factures, joint replacements, spine surgery, actue musculo skeletal trauma care. Arthroscopy, External fixation etc., available. Exclusive orthopaedic speciality theatre with C-Arm facility is provided.

Bone densitometry assessment is done every month free of charge with the participation of pharmaceutical companies, providing the Ultrasound Achilles Express Machine.

Facilities for Pheco emulsification surgical facilities are provided

4 dental chairs are provided and all varieties of dental treatment including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants etc are taken up.

Cardiology department is provided with a special Cardiac Catheterization laboratory. This laboratory has online digital imaging along with writing and cine angio facility, quantitative coronary angiography, diagnostic catheterization including coronary angiography, peripheral RHC and LHC.

Additionallly interventional procedures like PTCA, Stenting, Balloon Valve Plasty and coil/device closure of congenital Heart disease (PDA, ASD) are also performed by dedicated and highly skilled team Supervised by Senior most Cardiologist.

Advanced 2D ECHO cardiogram and GXT machine for stress test, computerized ECG machines are available which aid in the diagnosis of various cardiac conditions. Ours is the second centre in twin cities recognized for training of MBBS Doctors in Community Cardiology Course under Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

It has two operation theatres post operative intensive cardiac care ward and special rooms. This unit is headed by senior consultant Cardiac Surgeon along with sophisticated requisite medical equipment to handle all cardio thoracic surgeries. The first bypass surgery in twin cities was done in this cardio vascular unit. Several complicated surgeries in field of bypass single / double valve replacement congenital heart disease corrections etc. are being performed.

The C.V. unit also performs the latest beating heart surgery. Post operative care unit for patients undergoing cardiac operations is designed specially to ensure intensive care. Sophisticated equipment like Siemen's invasive monitors, continuous ECG monitors, defibrillators etc., are available for instant use.



Speciality / Category: CONSULTANT
Timings :Mon to Thurs 6PM TO 8PM



Speciality / Category: GYNAEC & OBST CONSULTANT
Timings : Fri 10AM TO 2PM



Speciality / Category: GYNAEC & OBST CONSULTANT
Timings : MON TO THU 2PM TO 4PM



Speciality / Category: GYNAEC & OBST CONSULTANT
Timings : TUE , WED & SAT 10AM TO 2PM



Speciality / Category: GYNAEC & OBST CONSULTANT
Timings : MON ,THU & FRI 10AM TO 2PM

Facilities for uroflometry are available.

Nephrological consultations by qualified Nephrologist are available on case to case basis.

Facilities for Electro Myography (EMG) & Nerve conduction studies are available.

Facilities for out patient and inpatient Neurosurgical treatment are available. Head Injury Cases and acute Spinal Iniury cases with Neurological problems are attended to promptly.

Facilities for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatiography) available.

Laparoscopic surgery (Key hole surgery­minimal invasive surgery) through small incision is being performed. Whipples procedure, hepatic resection, CBD explor

Qualified Medical Oncologist is available for Chemotherapy of malignant cases whenever required on case to case basis.

Services of Surgical Oncologist for Surgery of malignant Neoplasms are available.

Qualified Consultant in Respiratory Medicine is available. Facilities for Computerized Spirometry are available.

  • General wards for men and women.
  • Sharing rooms for men and women and
  • 10 special rooms with all deluxe facilities available for all the specialities Paediatric ward and Neonatology
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology ward
  • Highly sophisticated facilities and experienced medical officers are available round the clock in all these wards.

There are spacious well ventilated fully equipped operation theatre 4 in number in the main operation blocks and 2 in the C.V. Unit. Facility for Day Care Surgery is available, where the patients are observed post operative for a short period and discharged on the same day.

There are 2 post-operative wards - General Post - Operative Ward and C.V. Unit Post - Operative Ward with the presence of Medical Officers and Nursing Staff round the clock with necessary equipment for providing immediate post operative care.


Acute cardiac cases are closely monitored 24 hrs by team of doctors and specially trained nursing staff. The patients are treated in individual partitioned cubicles having facilities for central oxygen supply, air vacuum for suction purposes, individual ECG monitors and pulse oxymeter. Ventilatory support facilities available and the unit is fully air conditioned.


This is a step down unit of ICCU-I. Here the patients who recover from acute cardiac events are treated before they are to be transferred to normal wards. Here also closed monitoring of the patients' is done by doctors and trained Nursing staff.


Patients with acute respiratory disorders are treated in RICU equipped with central oxygen supply; central suction facility, bedside monitor and ventilatory support. It is fully air conditioned and the unit is headed by a Senior Anaesthesiologist supported by trained nursing staff.


All Acute emergencies are treated in air­conditioned Acute Medical Ward. All emergency equipment are provided & 24 hrs medical & nursing supervision is provided. The rate of Nosocomial infections in AMC is very low. The mortality rate is very low.


Victims of road traffic accidents and other medicolegal cases are treated here including , Head injuries , mahor limb factures,spinal injuries ,hand injuries etc.,


The hospital has two bedded air conditioned burns ward to treat acute burn cases. This ward ensures absolute sterility to prevent secondary infections and is manned by trained nursing staff.

Diagnostic facilities offered by the hospital can be divided into two areas namely 1.Radiology and Imageology 2.Pathological Laboratory

Radiology and Imageology

The radiology unit cosists of Siemens and General Electrical x-ray machines for conventional and digital x-rays. Mobile x-ray facilities for bedside x-rays are available. Facilities like Ultrasound scanning and Colour Doppler study are available for accurate diagnosis.

CT Scan

Computerized tomography scan facility is available in the campus itself.

Advanced tests in the field of Microbilogy, Pathology and Biochemistry are undertaken with modern equipment like auto analyzers, Semi analyzers, automatic cell counters, automatic coagulation meters, urine analyzers etc., with precision and accuracy. Quality certification of the laboratory is done by Christian Medical College, Vellore under Quality Assurance Programme.

Modern blood bank with all advanced equipment is provided for collection and distribution of blood for needy patients of the hospital. The blood bank is recognized by Directorate of Drug Control, Govt. of A.P, Voluntary blood donation from Healthy students of College of Physiotherapy and other staff members is done periodically and in times of need. Screening tests for AIDS and Hepatitis - B are available.

This hospital is recognized by Govt. of India and Govt. of A.P. for National Family Planning Programme. Urban Family Welfare Centre cum Post Partum unit with 12 beds is situated in the campus. This socially active unit undertakes periodical visits to Urban Slums for various immunization programmes. This unit in partnership with the Government undertakes all major immunization programmes like Pulse Polio Programme etc.

Free immunization is done on Wednesdays. This is one of the nominated Urban Post by Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad and Vasectomy and Tubectomy operations are performed regularly as per the Government policy. The incentives are disbursed to the participants in these operations through the centre.

LIBRARY : Spacious well ventilated, air cooled Library with comfortable seating arrangement with large collection of Medical textbooks, reference books and Medical Journals (Indian and International) in all the specialities is provided.

The library works for extended hours and is open on Sundays also for the benefit of the students. 4 computers with internet facility are also provided in the library with facilities of scanning and copying.