Andhra Mahila Sabha

Andhra Mahila Sabha (AMS) is a premier women’s organization in India working toward the education, economic upliftment, health care, and empowerment of women and children. The forty units under the umbrella of the AMS provide major services in urban and rural areas. Some of the focus areas of the organization include causes dear to its founder, Dr Durgabai Deshmukh, a legendary pioneer in women’s empowerment in 20th Century India. The major services provided by the various institutions established under this organization include:


Providing training and education to women and children so as to enable them to harness their services toward nation building


Providing outreach and free health care to the needy and the rehabilitation and mainstreaming of disabled children.

Upliftment and Empowerment

Enabling literacy and formal education, family counseling and legal aid, teacher training and public awareness campaigns on education and health

Old Age Care

Providing shelter and food at affordable price to the needy senior citizens who desire to live the remaining years of their lives respectably